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mmc knitting

Bespoke garments and accessories


An avid knitter since childhood, I have been providing knitting services in Cork City since 2020. I also work for several yarn shops. You can follow my work here.


Please select the service that suits you best based on the following:

  • You have a specific pattern

  • You have the yarn suited for said pattern

  • Your are a business

  • You have an idea in mind

  • You would like to find a design and yarn that suits you

Bespoke Knit

If you have an idea of what you would like in mind, this section is for you! Please read below for more information on the process.


Book a 1 hour phone or video call. We will talk about what you have in mind and see what would work for you. Is it a knit for yourself? Someone else? For a specific event? A specific season? We will cover designs, material, sizing, and you can ask any question you like about the process. In preparation for the consultation, you may want to bring pictures of the desired design as well as your measurements. We can also discuss a suitable price range and a timeline for the project, as well as delivery methods (collection, shipping). The consultation fee is €30 and is payable in advance. It will be deducted from the overall cost of the project should you wish to proceed.​

1. Consultation

After the consultation, I will provide you with several patterns and yarn options to suit your idea and your budget. Once we have determined what works best for you, I will provide you with a quote for you to vet.​

2. Quote
3. Knitting

I will then get started on the project, sending you regular in-progress pictures as I go along. This is the fun part!

4. Delivery

Once the garment is finished, I will send pictures and an invoice. Once the payment is completed, I will ship the project to you in registered post, or you can collect it in Cork City Centre.


Each garment or accessory is knitted with care. Depending on the kind of yarn and pattern used, the price range will differ. The following tab is a guideline for pricing. Note that this is only for information purposes, and the final quote may vary.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-10 à 15.02.09.png

Sample Knit

You already have a design and the yarn indicated by the pattern, or you are a business in need of a sample, or you need a pattern tested.


Rates are calculated by the meter and based on yarn weight (i.e. the width of the yarn). You provide measurements, yarn, pattern, and shipping fees.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-10 à 15.08.23.png
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